Mercedes-Benz has finally taken the covers off the much-awaited all-electric EQS SUV 

further in its upcoming spectrum of EVs. 

It has taken a while for the unveiling to finally happen, and now that it has 

the EQS SUV comes with a few delights and a couple of shockers as well. 

Mercedes-Benz floated the details of the EQS SUV in April itself, but pricing and trims were mostly under wraps. 

Now, the news is out in the market and most would still find this all-electric SUV, which followed  

all-electric EQS Sedan, as a decent bargain in the limited world of all-electric luxury SUVs. 

First teased in October 2020, right in the middle of pandemic panic 

the German automaker shared camouflaged footage of the EQS SUV along with the EQS and EQE sedans. 

This German automaker’s dream of an all-electric lineup seems well underway 

made even more special with further mentions of a specific AMG EV platform arriving in 2025.  

Meanwhile, these are all interesting details about the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV coming to the US this fall for model year 2023.