Sometimes – as car fans and people who consider ourselves readers of the automotive industry – we forget that the general public is not on the same page as us.

Now those of us involved know that South Korean automakers are kicking absolute ass when it comes to delivering cars that people want to buy at prices they are willing to pay

It will take a little longer for the less enlightened to think of saying "Kia" in the same sentence as "Toyota."

But if Kia continues to deliver quality things like the 2023 Kia Telluride, it will only be a matter of time.

One of the hottest selling things on the car market right now is the mid-size SUV with three rows of seats.

Make it attractively styled and reasonably priced, and you have a winning formula—to the point where Kia couldn't make enough Tellurides to keep up with demand.

If the Telluride's current popularity is anything to go by, all Kia needs to do is pull no punches with this 2023 update.

Contrary to popular belief, lightning can and often does strike twice, and Kia is currently standing outside with a lightning rod raised higher than anyone else.

the price, the Telluride is a pretty good deal against the competition. 

It's basically priced lower than all the competitors I've listed, and the only reason the Sorento is cheaper is because

it's slightly smaller (and has a rather pitifully large cargo area).

Even with a choice up the wazoo like the test vehicle, I still felt it justified the asking price. 

It really looked like a $50,000 car. The interior was certainly on par with some of the BMWs and Lexuses I've driven

With this refresh, Kia has remained untouched because it knows a good thing when it sees one. Probably all of you too