Inflation is real. Jeep is holding prices steady for its 4xe plug-in hybrids

but the 2- and 3-row petrol Grand Cherokee are going up significantly for 2023.

Also importantly, the robust Grand Cherokee Trailhawk is only offered as the more expensive 4xe.

Other than that, little has changed compared to 2022.

The rear-wheel-drive base two-row petrol Laredo starts at $42,830

That's $2,710 higher from 2022, with other 2- and 3-row petrol models going up as well.

Paint colors went from $395 to $495 (the Jeep charges for all body colors except white). 2023-based 4xe starting at $61,660.

Jeep's venerable Grand Cherokee is taking a breather from changes for 2023 after being

completely redesigned and expanded into his line of SUVs for model year 2022.

A new breed of grander Grand Cherokee breaks cover first with the introduction of the 2021 Grand Cherokee L.

This is the new three-row version of Jeep's long-running two-row midsize SUV.

The L spearheaded new styling, advanced safety and comfort technology, and added features later introduced in the 2022 two-row model