Sport compact cars have been stylishly reintroduced by Honda and Acura.

Recent updates to the Civic Si and the brand-new Integra have given import aficionados

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to test both of these vivacious sedans this year,

so I compiled a brief comparison for anybody considering purchasing one of them in 2023.

Let's start by addressing the major issue. Both of these vehicles have a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine

 They function similarly in both automobiles, as you might anticipate, and they are the same. 

 With the same amount of interstate and city driving in both vehicles, I even managed to average approximately 34 mpg.

The key distinction is that, unlike the Honda Civic Si, the Acura Integra offers a CVT as an option in lower trim

The six-speed manual gearbox with a limited-slip differential in both models is identical.

Compared to any other shifter on the market, even the Toyota GR86, they feel utterly exquisite.

It is immediately obvious that these two vehicles are identical when compared to one another. 

Nevertheless, aside from the outside appearance, their interiors differ the most from one another.