the Dodge Durango, which is being painted in hot SRT flavor, is sending mixed signals.

It's not an SUV, but it's not your typical school bus or grocery store either.

It also doesn't seem to be able to beat the likes of the Lamborghini Urus or Ferrari Prosange in the straights

Nothing out of the ordinary until you discover this roof rack with it.

It also has more lights, including lights mounted above the front bumper, front and rear windows, and a rear bike rack.

The whole car has a green look and some decals and it rides on a set of wheels that are also in the aftermarket world

You can order in style. Their official website reveals that they come in two standard shades, gloss black

matte gunmetal, and optional satin silver, satin bronze, satin black, gloss black, and charcoal gray.

The smallest offering, 19 inches, is $599 each, and the largest diameter, 24 inches, is at least $949 per wheel.

It is not designed specifically for high riders as it is also installed on vehicles other than

the Dodge Durango pictured such as Jeep Wrangler, Ford Explorer,

BMW X7, Lexus RX, Mercedes Benz GLA, Audi Q8.

The same alloy is used in models such as the Audi e-tron GT, BMW 3 Series, Ferrari SF90, Cadillac CTS and Audi A3

So if exclusivity is your thing, you'd be better off choosing a set other than this one.