If there is one thing on which you can count on Toyota, it is high-end, dependable transportation.

It distinguishes someone as being Toyota. Owners, however, claim that the brand-new full-size Tundra has problems

 Even the 3.5-liter V6, which debuted in 2009 in Toyota vehicles, is having issues.

What is happening? Has the pandemic's aftermath had this effect?

Most likely, nobody will ever know. However, let's focus on the major worry plaguing 2022 Tundra vehicle owners.

 Problems with the turbocharger are involved. more specifically, the actuators in the turbos' wastegates.

Wastegates on the turbocharger regulate how much exhaust reaches the turbo's impeller.

The turbo increases power by spinning more frequently the more the wastegate permits

 But the turbo will ultimately stop working if the wastegate permits too much exhaust, which increases pressure.

The elevated heat and pressure are partially to blame for it.

A pressure valve is therefore created by the wastegate. It controls how much exhaust reaches the turbos. 

Additionally, an actuator on Tundra engines controls it electronically.

 And when they malfunction, they shut down, making it impossible to control the exhaust pressure.

Therefore, changing the turbo or turbos is simple, but the work will kill you.