There aren't many better options than the Honda Civic Type R if you're looking for a pocket rocket to drive about in. 

One of the greatest handling front-drive vehicles ever made, it is quick and practical. 

The all-new 2022 Toyota GR86, on the other hand, has entered the market and is now giving the Civic Type R 

Technically speaking, you can't compare these two vehicles since one is a low-slung, rear-drive two-door coupe

But after using both of these vehicles for a week in actual driving situations, I can state that they share the same

It seems strange to compare the two vehicles' levels of comfort since these two vehicles are intended to deliver 

 However, with its five-door design and spacious back seats, the Honda Civic Type R is undoubtedly the most comfortable 

Both the front and back seats provide a good amount of head and legroom.

The seats, which resemble boy racers in red and black, are more comfortable and supportive than you might anticipate. 

You won't have any trouble seeing out of any of the windows, either.

The Toyota GR86, on the other hand, has an interior that seems a touch more confined overall and has limited viewing sightlines

In terms of appearance, I believe the new Civic Si is sleeker and more adult looking, which is appropriate