The Roxor is classified as a two-seater utility task vehicle (side-by-side, SXS).  

Mahindra claims it was made for use as a work tool on farms and ranches. It's not a street-legal machine yet 

The Mahindra Roxor is looking to compete with ATVs and small UTVs such as Polaris. 

Like its competitors, Roxor offers a wide variety of accessories and parts.  

Like the Polaris, the windshield is also an option. 

 It comes standard with just a ROPS frame, nylon webbing door flaps, two seats and storage behind the seats.  

The Roxor comes in his two specifications, an open-top base model and an all-weather closed-cab hybrid model with windshield and air conditioning. 

If you prefer sportiness, you can also equip your Roxor with Bilstein shock absorbers  

3 inch suspension, off-road tires, cable winch, LED light strips, or a hunting gun holster 

Mahindra will also offer a Mattrax Rubber Track Conversion Kit for driving in snow if required 

But it won't come cheap. Mahindra is asking his $18,899 for a bare-bones base model.  

Roxor All Weather cuts his wallet weight by $26,299. The Roxor is currently in production and has already arrived at dealers.