Can the GMC Sierra tow a trailer on its own in 2022? The Fast Lane Truck on YouTube discovers.

Well, we don't hear news like this every day. 

Undoubtedly, we have heard about autonomous self-driving cars like this Tesla, but we have also heard several

For this reason, the Fast Lane Truck YouTube Channel has decided to test the brand-new GMC Super Cruise

Our presenter will be towing a trailer behind him while on Super Cruise, which sets this video apart from prior self-driving car 

We are taken to San Diego, California, where our host is waiting for The GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate.

A twin axle closed trailer that is attached to it weighs around 5000 pounds, which is less than the allowed 8900 pounds.

 According to our host, this is a first-of-its-kind technology that can pull a trailer while in driver assistance mode.

Around the 1:18 mark, when we get inside the car, our host explains how the system operates. 

He explains that in order to activate the Super Cruise feature, high-definition mapping is used over around 200,000 miles

He is travelling down Interstate 5, one of the pre-mapped motorways, in the direction of Oceanside

Early in the journey, our presenter expresses his concerns about how the truck would need to know sooner

After trying the system on the highway for a short while, our driver is immediately at ease and confident in it.

incredibly sure that he will arrive at his destination in a secure manner.