The pandemic, supply chain challenges, rising gasoline prices

 the chip scarcity have all caused the auto sector to experience some challenging years.

Numerous automakers have been adversely impacted by the chip scarcity and have had to find alternate means of manufacture. 

Due to a lack of chips, General Motors declared in 2021 that it will discontinue offering heated seats

The 2022 GMC Sierra 1500, however, could finally offer customers the heated seats they deserved.

The chip scarcity, according to GM, would make it challenging for them to deliver some of their key amenities

The business chose to reserve its chips for its most expensive and lucrative models.

Experts cautioned that deciding against heated seats choices might result in customers selecting other brands'

Heated steering wheels weren't given much consideration, though, and they won't be offered for the majority of cars in the 2022

The Detroit Free Press reports that due to the continued chip scarcity, GM is the only carmaker that has chosen to do away 

Ford and other automakers made the decision to keep producing cars while keeping them in storage until they got

There is yet hope for common people who won't have to endure living with frozen behinds for very long despite GM's

 The producer said that dealerships will be allowed to retrospectively add heated seats at no additional cost to models including