The Dodge Viper may have departed a few years ago, but it's still fresh in the hearts of performance fans

In the world of his high-revving V10 supercar engines, the big pushrod 10-pot engine has a sound of its own.

Catching the Viper while on the dyno is a great way to capture the essence of the engine and that's exactly what you get in this Hoonigan video.

The car in question is a 2014 Viper GTS. Powered by a powerful 8.4-liter version of the V10

relatively slow 6,200 rpm he produces 640 hp (477 kW).

orque is 600 lb-ft (813 Newton-meters) at 5,000 rpm.

Compared to his 5.2-liter V10 in a Lamborghini Huracan Evo, the Viper's engine he revs over 2,000 rpm lower

Let's not forget, the Viper's engine was originally developed by Lamborghini in his 1980s

It has 10 cylinders but produces a lot of power in two very different ways of use.

Speaking of which, that's the focus of this video.

It's part of Hoonigan's Dyno Everything series, where power delivery is guessed before the car moves three times.

With an average powertrain loss of 15%, his standard 640-horsepower Viper should make about

544 horsepower at the rear wheels. According to this car's owner, the only upgrades are the exhaust system and engine tuning

so the power should be a little higher than normal.