The carmaker first dipped its toes into the tiny crossover market with the original RAV4, 

Toyota is without a doubt one of the indisputable leaders in the market for tough, durable SUVs. 

The Japanese military requested the creation of the original Land Cruiser, and like with other military vehicles

This version later evolved into one of the most iconic SUVs ever, which ultimately resulted in skyrocketing values.

By the 1980s, Toyota had come to the conclusion that many customers didn't actually need or want large

, more attractive SUV that would still be quite capable but appeal to a larger audience. 

As a result, Toyota's first Recreational Active Vehicle (RAV4) with four-wheel drive made its debut in 1995.

The first Toyota RAV4 model debuted in 1994 for the 1995 model year.

 A smaller but competent 4x4 that could sit underneath Toyota's 4Runner and Land Cruiser

the RAV4 retains some emphasis on on-road handling while still being a very capable car with 4WD

The RAV4's size is another way it differentiates from its SUV counterparts because it is much smaller.

The RAV4 has a lot of charm and personality thanks to its size and appearance.

With rectangular headlights and the Toyota insignia in the centre, the front end is quite conventional.

The bottom portions of the doors have those distinguishing indentations, giving the side profile a fairly classic