Possibly the most outrageous muscle automobile ever made is the Dodge Demon. Why is it that we adore it so much?

To the untrained eye, the Dodge Demon may appear to be any standard Dodge Challenger.

But what Dodge has accomplished with this vehicle is astounding and breaks a few records.

This car includes a few features and possible improvements that make it the greatest out-of-the-box drag car

It was developed expressly with drag use in mind. 

It is incredible, but probably not surprising given the amount of power in the Demon,

Demon, that it only needs 2.3 seconds to accelerate from a dead stop to 60 mph.

That period of time decreases to 2.1 seconds with a roll rolling start. For comparison

the Demon beats the Bugatti Chiron by 2.4 seconds and the Tesla P100D with Ludicrous Plus turned on by only a hair over 2.3 seconds.

Even more astounding is the fact that both of these vehicles have all-wheel drive, as opposed to the Demon

The Dodge Demon can hit 30 mph in less than one second flat, which is a remarkable figure.

The most powerful production muscle vehicle ever has been produced by Dodge.