Used Ford F-150 Lightning Prices Are Rapidly Decreasing

Getting behind the wheel of a Ford F-150 Lightning model could seem miraculous. This vehicle had a very small manufacturing run and sold out very quickly. However, with prices falling, you could discover a used Ford F-150 Lightning model.

Why is the cost of a used Ford F-150 Lightning decreasing?

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As prices continue to fall, you may be able to get a used Ford F-150 Lightning model for a good price. Since June 2022, used F-150 Lightning prices have decreased 39%, according to Barrons.

The Lightning isn’t in any immediate danger. Prices are decreasing from astronomically high markups to modest markups. A used model costs nearly as much as the equivalent new product. However, choosing a used model can enable you to avoid the lengthy waiting list.

The MSRP for the 2023 Lightning is $59,974, for the Larirat it is $75,974, and for the Platinum it is $98,074.

Depending on where you are, Lariat variants for the used 2022 F-150 Lightning are advertised for between $60,000 and roughly $78,000. Even a 2023 Platinum model with only 1,007 miles was $89,000.

While inventories may be growing and prices may be down, Ford is only producing 80,000 models annually. So, is the Lightning already being dumped? Additionally, as it was just released in 2022, there shouldn’t be many secondhand models available.

What are some potential F-150 Lightning issues?

A used Ford F-150 Lightning model may save you time and money, but there are a few possible problems to be aware of beforehand. The F-150 Lightning, for instance, is not the ideal vehicle for towing.

Although it can pull up to 10,000 lbs, the load goes down quite rapidly. People who pull trailers weighing between 5,000 and 6,000 lbs. have lost tonnes or range at a quick pace. On level ground, we lost so much range that we had to end our towing test early. Additionally, individuals aren’t travelling the 320 miles per charge that the EPA estimates they should. They may not be aware, however, that the quoted range is given in excellent weather and cautious driving circumstances.

Additionally, the range has been affected by the cold. The range may be shortened and charging times increased in colder climates. Ford did, however, provide some useful wintertime advice.

Finding functional charging stations may be challenging, and the FordPass app isn’t always functional with predetermined overnight charging durations. In around 40 minutes, a DC rapid charging station should restore the charge from 15 to 80%. But how long does a complete charge take?

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