How to earn from web stories by targeting India

So friends, if you make a web story by targeting India, then you will know that India is not more than a web story, it means that even if you bring around one lakh seeds from the web story, you will only get money from India. 25 to $30 will be earned which is significantly less

So now the question that comes to our mind is how we can generate huge revenue by using web story.

So to know the answer to this question, you will have to read our article from beginning to end, then you will understand that what the methods are, using which you too can generate good income from the story.

Because there is a lot of traffic in the web story, so you can promote your article by taking that traffic to your Telegram channel or WhatsApp group, when that traffic goes to your article, then you will get a lot of good news from them as well. You can also use that audience for affiliate marketing

Once you have a good audience gathered, then you can use what you have and pick up any website and generate a good income.

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