How much money can be earned from web story

Web Story is a brand new product of Google that Google is promoting a lot, if you work on that story too, then you will know that it is very good and sleep too because it gets a lot of traffic, because of this it’s unique If you make a web story for America then your next will be very high but if you make a web story by targeting India then your earning will be very less.

So after all, how much money can be earned through a web story, then as you will see in many videos on youtube, using a web story can earn up to 10000000 rupees per month, so yes if you work on a love story then You can also earn 10000000 rupees a month, but for that, you will have to work very hard, you will have to work on many websites simultaneously, as well as you will have to publish 60 to 70 web stories daily in each website, only then you will be able to do this through Love Story. can make a lot of money

If you take traffic to your article from Love Story, then your running will increase up to 10 times.

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  1. Listen… Maybe you shouldn’t use photos of Tesla’s or the Tesla logo when the (bullshit) article is about Rivian. What a joke. What a rewarding job you all have. Jerk offs….


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