Does Google Adsense get approved for writing articles with A.I. tool?

Friends, in today’s time, many bloggers are promoting AI tools a lot and they say that articles written with AI tools have also been on the first page of Google, so how much truth is there in this and whether Ai tools On writing an article, you get the result of Google Adsense in it, let’s talk about it in a little depth.

So first we get to know how AI works by bringing the tool, AI tool does not have so much advanced technology that it can write any article by itself, so it uses Google only to write articles if You enter any title in the Ai Tool, related to which you want an article, then Google spins all the articles related to that title and serves them in front of you.

Because these articles are skinned, because of this, Google considers completely new articles and gives approval on them very easily, but you have to keep one thing in mind if you put an article written by an AI tool on an expired domain. If so then you are more likely to get Google Adsense approval.

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