Can Google story traffic come back now?

Friends, in the present time, many bloggers are working on Google Web Story, Google Web Story is a brand new product of Google, which Google is promoting a lot, and any blogger who makes Google Web Story will see a lot of traffic very soon. Gets it but this traffic does not last long and within 1 month the traffic is down, so if the traffic of Google Web Story is down then how can it be brought back?

Before knowing how to bring back the traffic of Google Web Story when it is down, it is important to know why it is down after coming and doing Google Web Story. If you want to know this, then you will get to see an article related to this in our website.

When the traffic of web story is down on Google, you publish 25 to 30 love stories daily on your website for 1 to 5 days and also put 5 articles daily, after that you just have to do this for 1 month, after that the traffic on your website will come back. You just have to keep posting articles daily, then your Google Map Story Katra will never be down.

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