2023 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks: Trim Prices, Specs, Features

In a super-sized variation, the 2023 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty (HD) pickup trucks offer us everything we love about the half-ton variant. When it comes to luxury, these vehicles go all the way up to the Denali level. These trucks come with a variety of engine, cab, and trim choices. The GMC Sierra HD vehicles from 2023 can be the ideal pickup for you.

When will the 2023 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty vehicles be made public and offered for purchase?

Beginning on July 18, 2022, production at GM sites that make these vehicles will increase. The Sierra HD may be built and priced on the GMC website as of 9/14/2022. If all goes according to plan, the next model year of this vehicle ought to be available in the autumn, as is customary.

What is the price of the 2023 GMC Sierra HD?
The starting costs for the 2500 Sierra HD, according to GMC, are as follows:

SLE: $48,000 Pro: $47,200 SLT: $57,600
AT4: $65,600
$72,100 for Denali
Remember that configurations may add up rapidly; the GMC page’s representation of a built-in Denali lists it for $85,215 as-is.

specifications for the 2023 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty in terms of towing and engines

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