2022 Chevy Bolt Buyers Get Refunds Since 2023 Models Got a Lower Price

Chevrolet just revealed a surprising price drop for the Bolt model year 2022. It didn’t merely increase peoples’ access to it. Instead, the price reduction made it the least expensive EV on the market in the US. Chevy is now sweetening the deal by providing a refund to customers who paid more for a 2022 model year.

Chevy Bolt owners might get $5,000 back in 2022.

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The Detroit News reports that Chevrolet stated it would be providing these refunds to 2022 Chevy Bolt purchasers since the price of the vehicle was sharply reduced in a short period of time after the 2022 vehicles were sold.

There are obviously a limited number of customers that are eligible for this reimbursement. It will be provided, according to Chevrolet, to customers who purchased a Bolt while discounts were low because of a shortage of inventory. If you remember, several manufacturers’ “lack of inventory” during the previous six months has been evident.

The Bolt models’ complete manufacturing stoppage contributed to the inventory issue as well. Chevy issued a recall of more than 141,000 Bolt cars from 2017 through 2022 in August 2021. Instead of making more Bolts, Chevrolet set out to address the problem that the EV’s batteries posed a fire danger.

Chevrolet issued a statement saying, “We want to make sure these consumers are happy with their purchase and ownership experience as a consequence of the price drop announced on the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV/EUV.

All Chevy Bolt EVs and Bolt EUVs are eligible for a refund, according to Chevrolet. In the next weeks, Chevrolet intends to contact qualified consumers to let them know about their refund offers. The model year and trim level affect how much Chevy will reimburse owners. Some 2022 Chevy Bolt customers will get refunds of up to $5,000, however.

That reimbursement is very sizable. Particularly when you take into account the $5,900 price reduction for the new Bolt. Chevrolet is therefore providing a reimbursement for practically the full amount in certain circumstances. You won’t see it very frequently in the motor business!

Chevy intends to have an EV year with a new record.

Chevy predicts that in the next months, a record number of Bolts will be sold. Chevy was only able to sell 358 units in Q1 2022. But during Q2, that figure increased as the Detroit juggernaut sold over 7,000 cars. However, GM Authority reports that this still represents a decline of 36% from Q2 Bolt sales in 2017. However, the significant price reduction should help move goods rather fast.

The 2022 Bolt EV’s beginning price was $32,495; in 2023, it will be $26,595. The 2023 Bolt EUV’s starting price will be $28,195 as opposed to $34,495 from the previous year.

If Chevrolet does truly sell a record number of Bolts by the end of the year, only time will tell. However, given how expensive petrol is and how many people are switching to hybrid and electric vehicles, it doesn’t seem impossible. When you consider that the Bolt is now the least expensive EV on the market in the United States, it seems even more rational.

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